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The Program Committee mandate joins that of our World Affairs Councils of America: to engage Americans in international affairs and foreign policy.

Each season, the committee endeavors to bring experts to Naples to fulfill that mission and to focus on their field of knowledge whether it is country specific, or more broadly important, but of current, universal importance.

Our speakers come from a broad list of institutions that may be reached by clicking here.

We are proud that our reputation is that of a membership that is well read, intelligent, are provocative questioners, and NUMEROUS! Clearly that has aided us in obtaining positive responses to our invitations and ensures all of you some outstanding speakers.

        Mimi Gregory
Vice President, Programs

While you are on this section of the website, we would like to encourage you to search among our archives as well as focusing on our current feature presentations. True to our mandate, we have a long list of experts who have offered some “firsts”, some history true to today, some predictions, and some
“bad news”. 

Programs Committee

Mimi C. Gregory, Vice President, Programs
Francisco A. Figueroa
Joyce Fletcher
Edwin S. Leland
Judith Lipnick
Judy Rubinstein
G. Henk Touw
Mark Schwab, Ex-Officio

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