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With nearly 2,000 members, NCWA is one of the largest members of the World Affairs Councils of America.


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The National War College


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Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake

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The National War College
The Naples Council
on World Affairs


The Eighth Biennial Seminar

"The Path Forward into a Decisive Decade"

A discussion of expert commentaries
by the faculty of the National War College
on U.S. National Security Policy
and Defense Strategies

Friday, February 24, 8:45 am-3:30 pm

Hilton Naples Hotel
5111 Tamiami Trail N, Naples FL

$95 per person, including luncheon

Valet service available

This event will be in person only
and will not be live-streamed.

Oxford University

Click Here to view videos
from four students who attended
last summer's programs!

Twelve outstanding
high school students have been selected for NCWA's domestic and international summer scholarships!

Five will go to international programs, five to Georgetown University, and two to American University.

Click Here to learn who won!

NCWA is supporting this children's hospital in Sytyl, Ukraine.

NCWA Supports 2 Groups Aiding Ukraine Families 

Two outstanding programs -- Move Ukraine/Kids Konnect and Shelter Box -- offering assistance to families and children during the brutal winter in Ukraine are receiving donations from NCWA.

Move Ukraine/Kids Konnect, part of the Applied Hope Foundation, provide shelter for displaced persons and other important services for the community. NCWA is working with teachers in the Naples area to connect with students in Ukrainian classrooms and is donating to Move Ukraine to support a hospital in Sytyl, Ukraine, for 50 orphaned infant children.

Shelter Box is providing kits containing winterized tarps and mattresses, winter clothing, high-thermal blankets, tools for repairs, solar lights, wood stoves and cooking equipment to assist people who have lost their homes in Ukraine. 

If you desire to assist these efforts with a personal donation, Click Here for information on Move Ukraine/Kids Konnect, and Click Here for information on Shelter Box.

NCWA has donated
$5,000 to each
of these two programs.

Model UN is Gearing Up!

Mark Your Calendars for March 6 & 7
Model UN Conference at FGCU!

Interesting background papers
are now available. 

Judges for 2023 are listed.

Click Here for information!


for the

2022-2023 season

Mimi Gregory
Vice President for Programs


The Program Committee

    Judith Lipnick                            Edwin S. Leland
    William P. Pope                     Judy Rubinstein
    Mark Schwab                            
                       Jim Schmotter, ex officio

Sowing Chaos:
A Harvest of Discontent

Monday, February 6:  Dr. Cynthia A. Watson, Professor Emerita, National War College, and Dr. Bernard D. Cole, USN [Ret.]: "China's Challenges: Inside and Out"

Tuesday, February 21: Dr. Duncan Wood, Vice President for Strategy and New Initiatives and Senior Advisor to the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute: "Are We Losing Mexico? AMLO Returns to the Past"

Monday, March 6Caitlin Welsh, Director, Global Food Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies: "Food Insecurity Impact in the Wake of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine"

Monday, March 20Sheila A. Smith, PhD, John E. Merrow Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Studies, Council on Foreign Relations: "The Quad in the Indo-Pacific"

Monday, April 3: "Forging a New World Order" TBD

(At the top of this page, go to the Lectures tab, and then select Lecture Videos)

Monday, October 31Ian J. Brzezinski Member of the Strategic Advisors Group at the Atlantic CouncilSenior Fellow in the Council's Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security: "U. S. Security Policy and Strategy: What is at Stake?"

Monday, Nov. 14: David S. Rohde, American author and investigative journalist,  Executive Editor of “”: "The Weaponization of Social Media in Foreign Policy"

Monday, December 5Steven A. CookEni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa studies, Council on Foreign Relations: "Putin's Willing Partners in the Middle East"

Wednesday, January 11"Joseph Cirincione, National Security Analyst, Member of the Council for Foreign Relations, past President of the Ploughshares Fund, a Global Security Foundation: "Miscalculations and Nuclear Risks in the Ukraine War."

Monday, January 23: Michael E. O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow-Foreign Policy, Director of Research for the Foreign Policy program; Strobe Talbott Center for Security, Strategy and Technology, Philip H. Knight Chair in Defense and Strategy:  "Germany, Europe, NATO, History and the Path Ahead in Ukraine"

NCWA Full and Associate Members:

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Enrollment in NCWA Full Individual and Family Memberships
will open February 1 for the 2023-2024 season!

Please make sure that your primary and secondary email addresses are current by logging on to our website and checking your Profile
or by calling (239) 649-3942!

Note: You can't enroll for next season until February 1 or after)

Discussions in our

Great Decisions season

are under way!

Great Decisions discussions began
the week of January 16
and will end
the week of March 6

Discussion topics are:

  • Energy geopolitics
  • War crimes
  • China's foreign policy
  • Economic warfare
  • Elections in Latin America
  • Global famine
  • Iran and the Gulf States
  • Climate migration

For detailed descriptions of each topic, please click here.

Topics and the contents of our discussion books are selected by the Foreign Policy Association after gathering input from Great Decisions discussion groups around the country.

Calendar in Brief:

Significant dates 
for 2022-2023 NCWA season

For times and details,
see Home Page
click appropriate tab
at top of Home Page

January 28: Collier Public Schools varsity debates (Judges needed; contact Mark Walchak)

February 6: Lecture (Dr. Cynthia A. Watson)

February 7: Book Club

February 21: Lecture (Dr. Duncan Wood)

February 24: National War College (full day)

March 4: Middle School Academic World Quest competition

March 6: Lecture (Caitlin Welsh)

March 6 (week of): Great Decisions ends

March 6-7: Model UN at FGCU

March 7: Book Club

March 20: Lecture (Sheila A. Smith)

March 25: High School Academic World Quest competition

April 3: Lecture (TBD: New World Order)

April 4: Book Club

NCWA President:

In these confusing
and unstable times,
the work of the Council
has never
been more important.

Jim Schmotter, President

We will continue
to do all we can
to educate, inspire
and engage our members
on critical global issues. 

Perhaps you, like my wife and I, enjoyed last season’s Artis-Naples presentation of "Ain’t Too Proud to Beg," the Broadway hit featuring the unforgettable music of the Temptations.  These songs always produce many memories, and the messages of some continue to ring true today. Take, for example, “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World Is Today).” 1970, when this song was released, was a confusing and concerning time. So is 2022.  

Members of the Naples Council on World Affairs who seek to understand political, military, economic, and social conditions around the globe are challenged as never before to keep up.  War in Ukraine, a global food crisis, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, China’s threats to Taiwan, Europe’s economic instability, failing states in the Middle East and Sahel, increased worldwide migration, impacts of climate change and an apparently unending pandemic are but a few of the issues that command our attention. That “ball of confusion” is still rolling.

In that context, the work of the NCWA has never been more important. Through a lecture series presenting topical presentations from noted experts, though conversations with colleagues in Great Decisions sessions, though special events like our War College program, and through our robust array of programs for the region’s middle and high school students, we will endeavor to slow down that rolling ball.

We’ll be doing that both via live streaming and in-person in a new venue with improved audio capacity—Moss Hall at Moorings Presbyterian Church. Great Decisions sessions will return to an in-person format at familiar venues around Southwest Florida. Partnerships with local schools will continue to facilitate our widely respected Model UN conference, Academic World Quest competitions, and summer experiences at home and abroad.  

The Naples Council could not begin to conduct this ambitious agenda without the enthusiasm and support of our members. Throughout the difficult days of Covid, your patience, understanding and continued financial support inspired us to endeavor to produce the best experiences possible for all stakeholders. As some sense of normality returns, we pledge to continue that commitment to doing all we can to “educate, inspire and engage” our members on critical global issues.  

We thank you and look forward to being with you for the 2022-2023 season!

Warmest regards,

Jim Schmotter, President

of Moss Hall as Venue
for the 2022-23 Lecture Season


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Your Membership Team conducted a thorough search among locations in Naples that might be considered the best venue for our lectures this season and encountered obstacles in all of them. 

We finally selected Moss Hall, a large conference room within Moorings Presbyterian Church (which offers outstanding acoustics, without the problems encountered in the church sanctuary), because of its size, parking and location and because we were able to make significant investments in further enhancements to sound quality, as well as install a system that members can use with their wi-fi headsets and hearing aids (instructions are provided).

We hope you will join us in person in Moss Hall! Of course, live-streaming of the lectures and posting of recorded videos on our website will continue to be available.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


All lecture videos of the 2021-2022 season

and the 2022-2023 season

are now available to view online.

Click here

Programs for Members


Lectures from October through April, featuring distinguished scholars and statesmen.

Great Decisions

Weekly discussion groups from January to March, using material from the Foreign Policy Association.

Special Programs

Lectures with book authors, special extra presentations, the biennial War College and more. Events will be announced.

Book Club, Annual Dinner & More

Monthly book discussions, an annual NCWA dinner, luncheons with speakers, newsletter.

NCWA is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America

Programs for Students

Global Scholar Program

A three-year pilot program.

Model United Nations

Simulating the United Nations, includes 300 + high school students.

Georgetown & American Univer\Scholarships

One week immersion in International Relations or National Security at Georgetown University or American University in Washington DC. 

International Scholarships

Summer study and service programs in countries all over the world.

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