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2023 International Scholarship Programs

The Naples Council on World Affairs offers scholarships to overseas summer programs.  These programs have been chosen to increase student’s awareness of international issues and to expose them to careers in International Relations and Business.

For more information about EIL Programs, contact Mark Walchak 


For more information of the Tufts Summit program, contact Alan Van Egmond 


For more information of the Oxford Academia program, contact Mimi Gregory


Applications are accepted during December of each year.

Click here for the 2023 International Scholarship Application Form

International Scholarships 

Students applying for international scholarships must be completing their junior year of high school, and possess, or be eligible for, a U.S. passport. Because the mission of the NCWA is "to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global issues" the focus will be on the international programs that best support that mission.

If international travel is restricted, virtual programs may be offered by the programs and our winners may elect to participate in those programs. All updated information regarding the availability of international programs for each year will be posted on this website and announced late in the calendar year. The deadline for application is usually in December.

Use the following application to apply for any of the international scholarships. After reviewing the written applications, the scholarship committee of the NCWA School Outreach Committee will narrow the candidates to those considered best qualified. Those individuals will be interviewed by the committee, and the scholarship winners will be selected from that group.

The scholarships offered by the Naples Council on World Affairs will cover program costs and international travel.  Participants will be responsible, at a minimum, for spending money abroad and the cost of roundtrip domestic airfare to the city of overseas departure. Additional financial aid may be available. 

If you have questions about the scholarships or the selection process after consulting the program websites, please contact the Program Chair, Judy Baker, at or the NCWA School Outreach Committee Chair, Mark Walchak at



The Naples Council on World Affairs (NCWA) offers program/study scholarships for travel to Europe and South Korea. Full information about the programs and countries hosting the programs may be obtained by visiting theirwebsites: 

Experiment in International Living

EIL- Germany

International Relations and the EU


Oxford University

Oxford Academia

Oxford Academia welcomes intellectually driven high school students to learn from the finest teachers, scholars, and industry professionals at Oxford University, one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed universities. This summer program offers students the full Oxford experience as you choose an academic major and minor, pursue your subjects in the company of motivated peers, and engage with course material under the guidance of distinguished academics.

Note- if you are having issues with the link to Putney- that is being fixed and should be available in a few days= Contact for more information

Tufts "Summit" Program


Tufts "Summit" Program

The Tufts “Summit” Program occurs in a college learning environment over four weeks from July 3 – 29, 2022 with various trips to UN Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, Lyon, France, The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France and European Union Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.  The Tufts European Center is located in a former monastery on the shores of Lake Annecy in Taillories, France.  Courses are in English focusing on international affairs offered by Tufts faculty.  However, students live with French host families, will be travelling in a French speaking milieu, and therefore required to have at least two years of French language instruction.

EIL Jordan Program

July 1-July 30, 2023

Jordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East


EIL Ghana 

July2-July 31, 2023

Internship: Ghana Contemporary Art & Culture



          NCWA Scholarship Application Process

Juniors seeking scholarships must complete the International Scholarships Application Form (see below) by the date indicated on the form and be interviewed by members of the NCWA Outreach Committee. Program themes relate to the mission of the NCWA: "to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global issues." Students are encouraged to check out the programs to fully understand what the programs have to offer.

Once students are selected for the scholarship, the final application will need to be submitted to the individual programs.


Students may apply for any of the following programs

EIL- Germany

International Relations and the EU

EIL- Jordan

Arabic language and the Middle East


EIL- Ghana

Internship:Comtemporary Art and Culture



Putney -Oxford Academia( the 2 week program) 

International Relations

Student Video about Oxford


Tufts "Summit"- Europe (2 years French required)

Student Video about Tufts


Fill out application form >>> Submit to program NCWA by the December 30, 2022 deadline >>> Faculty recommendations are due by January 10, 2023>>> Interviews and selection of scholarship recipients by NCWA Outreach Committee in early.  January>>>Accepted students participate in international programs >>> Returning students submit required essay to NCWA describing their experience <<<Returning students will meet with the NCWA Board to discuss their experiences

>>>Click here for the 2023 International Scholarship Application Form<<<

Student Meeting With NCWA Members: Upon their return, students will meet with NCWA Board members to discuss the international relations knowledge they have acquired through this experience.

Student essays: We ask each of our returning students to author a brief essay describing their experience. 

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