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Scholarship Applications must be received by January 5th 2020

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International Scholarships


The Naples Council on World Affairs (NCWA) offers partial scholarships to two overseas summer programs, The Experiment in International Living (EIL) and the Student Diplomacy Corps (SDC). Full information about the programs and countries hosting scholarship programs may be obtained by visiting their websites: https://www.experiment.org

Students applying for either of these scholarships must be completing their Junior year of high school, and possess, or be eligible for, a U.S. passport. Because the mission of the NCWA includes promoting understanding of diverse international cultures, politics, and economics, we give preference to applications for programs and countries with non-western/European cultures. In 2020 the NCWA will sponsor the following international scholarships: From SDC: China, Morocco, Spain (Basque country), Albania and Japan (sustainability). From EIL: China, Germany (IR and EU), Jordan, Tanzania, South Korea (peacekeeping), India, Japan (language and culture), and Thailand. Students may apply for more than one program but will receive only one scholarship.

Use the following form to apply for an international scholarship. After reviewing the written applications, the scholarship committee of the NCWA School Outreach Committee will narrow the candidates to those considered best qualified. Those individuals will be interviewed by the Committee, and the scholarship winners will be selected from that group.

If you have any questions about the scholarships or the selection process after consulting the program websites, please contact the Program Chair, Eugene Burke, or the NCWA School Outreach Committee Chair, Robert Haffa, at

The Naples Council on World Affairs is offering scholarships for 11th graders in the amount of $4,500 to successful applicants.  In addition, financial aid may be available from the Experiment in International Living or the Student Diplomacy Corps office based on financial need as determined by completing the financial aid application form provided by their offices.  Participants should anticipate that they will be responsible, at a minimum, for spending money abroad and the cost of roundtrip domestic airfare to the site of overseas departure.

NCWA Scholarship Application Process

Juniors seeking scholarships must complete the International Scholarships Application Form (see below) by the date indicated on the form, and be interviewed by members of the NCWA Affairs Outreach Committee. Priority will be given to applicants for countries outside Western Europe and for program themes within the countries that relate to the mission of the NCWA: "to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global issues." Students are encouraged to check out the programs offered by both the EIL and the SDC to be sure that they are aware of all country and theme programs available. After students are approved by the NCWA Outreach Committee, the final and official EIL/SDC application will be completed online through the NCWA Outreach Committee contact.


Fill out application form >>> Submit to NCWA by Jan 5th deadline >>> Faculty recommendations are due by January 17th >>> Selection of scholarship recipients by NCWA Outreach Committee >>> NCWA scholarship winners apply together with NCWA Outreach Committee for EIL or SDC program participation >>> Accepted students immerse in overseas living >>> Returning students submit an essay to NCWA describing their experience (requirement)<<<

>>>Click here for the 2020 International Scholarship Application Form<<<

The Naples Council on World Affairs School Outreach Committee awarded this year’s annual scholarships to 8 exceptional Collier County students for a summer program abroad sponsored by World Learning Experiment in International Living Program and the Student Diplomacy Corps. The students met the criteria which included their academic achievement, leadership skills, community service and commitment to global understanding and were selected from a pool of applicants.

We congratulate the 2019 winners!

Mc Kinley Champeau, Lely, Tanzania, EIL

Conner Rainey, Barron Collier, Chile, SDC

Mark Walker Brunner, Barron Collier, China, EIL

Alec Liberman, China, Gulf Coast, EIL

Christian Garcia, Palmetto, Jordan, EIL

Taite Miller, Lely, Costa Rica, EIL

Tori Guarino, Golden Gate, Mexico, SDC

Lauren Crisci, Barron Collier, China, SDC

We thank all the members of the Selection Committee, which was generously chaired by Eugene Burke.

The following are excerpts from student essays: 

In Thailand, I certainly did have the perfect homestay experience. Having the opportunity to be immersed in the culture and lives of a real Thai family was something I could only have imagined, and there is no book or documentary that would even come close to teaching me what I learned first-hand. As amazing as my host family was, I had the most touching experience during the time I spent teaching English to students at the local school. I entered in disbelief…desks and textbooks were limited and no technology, yet every student was filled with excitement. I have never seen kids that happy and enthusiastic about learning in my life. And, I never knew that I could have such an impact on an entire class. I can only compare it to the “Grinch”—when his heart “grew three times that day,” I cried when I left that classroom, those children, that experience, as I realized that they didn’t just learn from me—but perhaps I learned even more from them.

Over the past summer, I traveled to and around Japan, thanks to the Student Diplomacy Corps and the NCWA. Although the point of the trip was to learn and immerse oneself in a foreign culture, I learned quite a bit more. When you are spending time in a country where you have only the slightest understanding of the language, you spend a lot of time thinking and a lot of time listening. That is, I started to understand what it means to listen to someone—to know someone’s perspective, to actively listen to what they have to say, and to empathize with them. In the absence of a shared language, I started looking to people’s actions and intentions, and began to understand them in a way that I’d never be able to do by just hearing them speak. What I learned in Japan was a lot about a culture far removed from my day-to-day home life. But I also learned a lot about myself—how to watch and listen and learn. This summer, I came to understand how meaningful one person’s experiences can be, not just to themselves, but to people around them. Without a doubt, my trip to Japan changed me for the better.

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