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Scholarship Applications must be received by February 26th 2021


2021 International Scholarship Programs

The Naples Council on World Affairs offers partial scholarships to two overseas summer programs.  These programs have been cancelled for summer, 2021 owing to the pandemic.  In lieu of international travel both The Experiment in International Living and the Student Diplomacy Corps are offering Virtual International Exchange Programs.  Full information about the programs may be obtained by visiting their websites: The Experiment Digital and SDC@LIVE - Student Diplomacy Corps.  To apply, send the completed form and required documents by email in ONE PDF FILE to Program Chair, Judy Baker at  

All applications and supporting documents for EIL and SDC must be received by Friday, February 26, 2021. Letters of recommendation are due March 12.

Click here to learn about the 2021 Application Process

International Scholarships

Please read the update at the top of this web page first.


The Naples Council on World Affairs (NCWA) offers partial scholarships to two overseas summer programs, The Experiment in International Living (EIL) and the Student Diplomacy Corps (SDC). Full information about the programs and countries hosting scholarship programs may be obtained by visiting their websites: https://www.experiment.org

Students applying for either of these scholarships must be completing their Junior year of high school, and possess, or be eligible for, a U.S. passport. Because the mission of the NCWA is "to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global issues" we will focus on the international programs that best support that mission. As of this writing, it is unclear what international scholarships will be offered by EIL and SDC and, within those, what programs will be sponsored by the NCWA. Equally important, it remains uncertain in this pandemic environment if international travel will occur during the summer of 2021. If international travel is restricted, virtual programs may be offered by EIL/SDC and our winners may elect to participate in those programs.  All updated information regarding the availability of international programs for 2021 will be posted on this website. Use the following form to apply for an international scholarship. After reviewing the written applications, the scholarship committee of the NCWA School Outreach Committee will narrow the candidates to those considered best qualified. Those individuals will be interviewed by the Committee, and the scholarship winners will be selected from that group.

If you have any questions about the scholarships or the selection process after consulting the program websites, please contact the Program Chair, Judy Baker, at or the NCWA School Outreach Committee Chair, Mark Walchak at

The Naples Council on World Affairs is offering scholarships for 11th graders in the amount of $4,500 to successful applicants.  In addition, financial aid may be available from the Experiment in International Living or the Student Diplomacy Corps office based on financial need as determined by completing the financial aid application form provided by their offices.  Participants should anticipate that they will be responsible, at a minimum, for spending money abroad and the cost of roundtrip domestic airfare to the site of overseas departure.

NCWA Scholarship Application Process

Juniors seeking scholarships must complete the International Scholarships Application Form (see below) by the date indicated on the form and be interviewed by members of the NCWA Affairs Outreach Committee. Priority will be given to applicants for countries outside Western Europe and for program themes within the countries that relate to the mission of the NCWA: "to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global issues." Students are encouraged to check out the programs offered by both the EIL and the SDC to be sure that they are aware of all country and theme programs available. After students are approved by the NCWA Outreach Committee, the final and official EIL/SDC application will be completed online through the NCWA Outreach Committee contact.


Fill out application form >>> Submit to NCWA by Feb 26th deadline >>> Faculty recommendations are due by March 12th >>> Interviews and selection of scholarship recipients by NCWA Outreach Committee >>> NCWA scholarship winners apply together with NCWA Outreach Committee for EIL or SDC program participation >>> Accepted students participate in international programs >>> Returning students submit required essay to NCWA describing their experience <<<

>>>Click here for the 2021 International Scholarship Application Form<<<


The Naples Council on World Affairs School Outreach Committee awarded this year’s annual scholarships to exceptional Collier County students for a summer program abroad sponsored by World Learning Experiment in International Living Program (EIL) and the Student Diplomacy Corps (SDC). The students, selected from a large pool of applicants, met criteria including academic achievement, leadership skills, community service and commitment to understanding critical global issues.  Unfortunately, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, EIL ad SDC cancelled their overseas study programs for this summer. Our intention is to send these students to the same or similar programs next summer, in addition to our students who win scholarships in 2021.

We congratulate the 2020 winners!

Christine Ryan, Gulf Coast: EIL - Thailand

Corazon Holloway, Lely: EIL -  Germany

Grace Muesing, Gulf Coast: EIL- S.Korea

Chase Melton, Naples: SDC -Chile

Son Tran, Gulf Coast: EIL -  Japan

Eileen Poling, Lely:  Japan 

Arlenys Soler, Golden Gate: SDC - Morocco

 Nicholas Constantine, St. John Neuman: SDC -Basque

Clayton Mather, Barron Collier: EIL - Tanzania

 Hannah Schneider, Naples: SDC - Albania

Gabriella Lazarre, Golden Gate: EIL - Germany, Argentina, Thailand

Emily Oplt: St John N, S. Korea,Japan, Thailand


We thank the members of the Selection Committee chaired by Gene Burke.

Student essays: We ask each of our returning students to author a brief essay, describing their experience. Here are a few edited excerpts: 

“The extensive autonomy that characterized my overseas program of study enabled me to truly auto-observe my response to a completely novel situation: living in a foreign nation. Through my autonomy in choosing where to travel and when-downtown, resteraunts, tourist sights- I gained great insight into my capabilities to operate in a detached parental state. Specifically, I realized that I am extremely comfortable traveling and spending time in foreign and exotic locations without traditional comforts. This effect of the trip complements and bolsters my devotion to my career goals (international relations and linguistics) since it engendered a sense of confidence in me, in regards to my capacity to function within an environment much similar to that which a diplomat or foreign service member would face.”

“I now believe my calling is to make the world a more cognizant and conscious place of all cultures and people, especially marginalized and disadvantaged groups, within America and internationally. Combining this passion with my acumen of foreign and domestic policy and political theory, of which I have pursued during my time in high school, I am excited to challenge myself and deepen my knowledge of this academic track in college. Ultimately, I want to make a meaningful difference in the world, a decision in which I believe the Naples Council of World Affairs scholarship played a large role.”  

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