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The Daniel D. Bumstead Global Scholar Program

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The Naples Council on World Affairs is a member
of the World Affairs Councils of America,
whose mission is to educate, inspire and engage our community
in international affairs and critical global issues.

The program is named for Daniel D. Bumstead, a former president of the NCWA, the longest serving Great Decision leader (24 years), chair of the Board’s School Outreach Program, and an unwavering champion of student programs to encourage a career in foreign service. Dan passed away on March 11, 2019.

The Global Scholar Program


The goal of the Global Scholar Certification is to create an NCWA program that encourages students in our community to seek a career in International Relations and Foreign Policy. The strategy is:

1. To encourage students to take academic courses furthering their knowledge of countries outside of the United States.

2. To expose them to in-depth discussions of critical global issues.

3. To learn a second language which facilitates a life-long dialogue in world affairs.

4. To provide training which encourages a career in foreign service.

We are committed to supporting full student participation regardless of their socio-economic status. Rewards for participation include attendance at a Georgetown summer program, mentoring throughout the program to support developing a career in International Relations and Foreign Policy, plus a $5,000 award for the winner.

Program Description -Educational and other Requirements:

1. A program of course work taken during the sophomore, junior and senior years accepted by NCWA as suitable for an understanding of global history and geography, i.e. basic information required of a “global scholar.” To facilitate compliance, sign up for the Global Scholar Certificate begins during the spring term of a student’s freshman year. NCWA will work with all schools to ensure there is a course of study available which satisfies these requirements.  

2. Proficiency in a second language is considered essential for this program. As a minimum two years of study in a foreign language before the completion of the participant’s junior year is required.

3. Students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average to apply and must at least maintain this to remain in the program. Preference is given to students participating in our Model United Nations Program [MUN] and/or Academic WorldQuest.

NCWA will work with schools to ensure these requirements are communicated to interested students no later than the spring term of their freshman year.

NCWA Participation:

Access to discussions on critical global issues is provided through participation in the two NCWA flagship programs, the Lecture Series and Great Decision programs. Participation is required for three years, i.e., during the sophomore, junior and senior years.

Lecture Program:

1. Global Scholar participants are invited to all of the lectures and are provided access to all live streams and lecture videos. While attendance of at least three lectures each season is required, it is also expected that participants will view as many of the remaining lecture videos for that season as is practicable.

Students will be seated together at lectures and introduced to speakers. Efforts will be made to grant credit for community service to students attending all lectures within a season and participating in greeting and registering NCWA members. If needed, cost will be reimbursed for transportation to lectures. Should family members, mentors, or friends provide transportation, they are invited to attend the lecture.

2. For three lectures, within a week after the lecture video is issued, participants will produce a single page summary identifying key elements of the lecture and their relationship to foreign policy. Results for each lecture are reviewed and commented on by an NCWA facilitator, who then distributes papers with comments to student participants.

3. A two- to three-page essay will be due at the end of the lectures describing the top three lessons learned and their implications for a current foreign policy matter that is particularly worrying. List all lectures considered for this essay.

These essays will be incorporated in the final newsletter to the NCWA membership.

4. Participants are evaluated each year on the quality of the lecture summaries, the year-end lecture essay and overall effort to learn from the lecture program.

Great Decisions:

1. Students will be given a Great Decisions Briefing Book with eight current event topics on foreign affairs. These topics should be read by the students in preparation for participation in a Great Decisions discussion group, with both students and Council members participating at a time and location accessible by all.

2. At the conclusion of the discussions, Global Scholar participants are asked to write one essay describing the major challenges presented by at least three selected briefing book topics. This will be judged by NCWA, with the winning paper distributed to all Great Decisions members.

3. Global Scholars are evaluated each year on the quality of their participation in Great Decisions discussions and essay.

Exposure to Foreign Service:

1. Georgetown Summer Program (or similar future programs): In the summer between their junior and senior years, all Global Scholar participants attend a one-week program on International Relations or National Security at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. funded by an NCWA scholarship. This provides an opportunity to experience lectures from prominent professors and access to key players in the respective fields. Visits are also made to important institutions, such as Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency, and foreign embassies.

2. At the conclusion of the Georgetown Program, the participants submit an essay describing how this experience has influenced their ideas about a future career in foreign affairs in order to document their experience and create an essay that can be used in their college application.

Management of the Global Scholar Program:

1. The Global Scholar Program (GSP) is a program of the Naples Council on World Affairs operating under the auspices of and at the direction of the Board of Directors. Members of the Council who show an interest may volunteer to mentor individual scholars to aid them with questions that may arise regarding attending the lecture series, completion of essays, participation in Great Decisions discussions and maintaining their commitment to the program throughout their high school years.

2. Given the breadth of the international experience of NCWA members, an opportumity exists to mentor our Global Sholars and should be encouraged.

Awards for Global Scholar Program:

1. A committee established by the Naples Council on World Affairs will select winners based on essays reviewing lectures, the summary of the Great Decisions workbook, the description of the Georgetown experience, participation in MUN or AWQ, plus the quality of participation in NCWA Lectures and Great Decisions discussion sessions. The winning scholar will be given a $5,000 award.

2. A Global Scholar Certificate will be awarded at graduation to all participants and the winner of the competition.

3. An effort will be made to recognize participation in the Global Scholar Program in each student’s transcript.

>>>For a description of the program click here.

>>>For an application to join the program click here.*

(Applications may be filed through September 30, pending program availability)

* This form is a PDF file that can be filled in online, saved and printed. Using it on a smart phone, especially on an iPhone, may require a conversion to PDF before it can be filled in (click the Action Button at the bottom of the screen and then choose "Create PDF).


Current NCWA Global Scholar


                          Marie Rueda                      Anya Brenner              Alexia Espinoza Vlad
                    Immokalee High School       Community School        Baron Collier High School
                                                                      of Naples

Recent Alumni of the NCWA Global Scholar Program


Alexander Wilson, left and Win Thant Hlaing graduated 
from high school last spring and began their college careers.
Alex, from Seacrest Country Day School, is attending
the Elliott School of International Relations at Georgetown
University, and Win, from Gulf Coast High School is
majoring in political science at Yale University. 

Two members of the Global Scholars Program won awards 
during the 2022 Southwest Florida Model UN competition 
at Florida Gulf Coast University. Shown with program leader 
Mimi Gregory are Win Thant Hliang, left, of Gulf Coast
High School, who won the $2,500 Thomas O’Gorman
Scholarship, and Alexia Espinoza Vlad of Barron Collier
High School, who won the $1,000 Rising School Delegate Award.

  Why I Joined the Global Scholar Program 

(Comments from Global Scholars)

Not only will participation in the Global Scholars Program grant me access to all of its intriguing and thought-provoking lectures, but it will also enable me to surround myself with like-minded individuals, gain a deeper understanding of global affairs, make better decisions as a global citizen, and pursue a related career.

I pride myself on being a curious and inquisitive global citizen, but my research is limited to news articles and internet resources. The lectures and intellectual conversations included in Global Scholar simply surpass what I currently have access to. I also recognize that this program strongly aligns with my plans to work in foreign affairs, and it would serve as valuable insight into a future career.

People all across the world are lacking in knowledge of global affairs, something which could benefit both their education and their lives. Through the NCWA’s Global Scholar Program among other activities, I hope to gain greater knowledge to enhance my ability to aid the underprivileged in foreign countries, allowing them to develop and become truly successful in the world outside their villages.”

I am interested in making a career in international relations and being able to meet and interact with people who are actively making a living in this field. Meeting these people who have made careers in the field of international relations is the primary reason I am applying to this program.

This program will prepare me for studying international relations in college as well as a possible career in foreign service. Lastly, this amazing program will teach me more about the world and understanding of different perspectives.

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