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The Daniel D. Bumstead Global Scholar Pilot Program

The goal of the Global Scholar Certification is to create an NCWA program which encourages students in our community to seek a career in International Relations and Foreign Policy. The strategy is:

1.   To encourage students to take academic courses furthering their knowledge 
of countries outside of the United States.  

2.   To learn a second language which facilitates a life-long dialogue in world affairs.

3.   To expose them to in-depth discussions of critical global issues.

4.   To provide training which encourages a career in foreign service.

We are committed to supporting full student participation regardless of their socio-economic status.

Our Generous Donors (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020): 

Cynthia and Woodbury Andrews

Barrett Edwards

Marcia Eaton

William Edwards

Herbert and Jeanette Evert

Michael Finkel and Dina Sewell

Jeffrey and Nancy Kahn

James and Judith Perkins

Ric and Laurie Cowan Phillips

Carole Town

Mo and Mickey Winograd

The program has been named for Daniel D. Bumstead, a former President of the NCWA, the longest serving Great Decision leader (24 years), Chair of the Board’s School Outreach Program, an unwavering champion of student programs to encourage a career in foreign service. Dan passed away on March 11, 2019.

>>>For a description of the program click here.

>>>For an application to join the program click here.*

(Applications may be filed through September 30th, pending program availability)

* This form is a PDF file that can be filled in online, saved and printed. Using it on a smart phone, especially on an iPhone, may require a conversion to PDF before it can be filled in (click the Action Button at the bottom of the screen and then choose "Create PDF).

Announcing the 2019 Scholarship Candidates

Win Thant Hlaing


Gulf Coast High School

Win was recommended to our program by Susan Soulard, Social Studies Department Chair at Gulf Cost High School. He is actively involved in many activities that enhance his leadership qualities and comes to us as a student who has profited by many unusual opportunities, such as his summer spent as a monk in Myanmar, which definitely have influenced his interest in our program.

He is a proficient Burmese speaker

Studying Advanced French, III

Team Captain, Scholar Bowl

Model United Nations Team

Academic World Quest Team

Debate Team

National Junior Honor Society

Member Naples Philharmonic Youth Symphonia and Orchestra

LINK: Critical Essay“There’s No Going Back! The Shape of the World to Come”, Given by Clinton Watts: 11/4/19

Alexander J.G.R. Wilson


Seacrest Country Day School

Alex was recommended by Nicholas Pohl, History Department Chair at Seacrest Country Day School. Alex has “a very unique, global perspective and has a clear sense of the world in which he lives”. He is determined to succeed in establishing the first Academic World Quest team at Seacrest, and has actively participated in leadership activities in Student Government. Alex has studied in five of the seven continents, fostering his interest in global affairs.

Schooling in:

United Kingdom

Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong

South Africa


Studying Advanced Spanish III,  [strong Latin American interest]

Model United Nations and NATO Security Council attendee

Debate team/topic organizer

Seacrest International Club, President

LINK: Critical Essay: “There’s No Going Back! The Shape of the World to Come”, Given by Clinton Watts: 11/4/19

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