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Scholarship Program Description

The Naples Council on World Affairs (NCWA) offers summer scholarships to high school students for international relations or national security studies at Georgetown and American Universities in Washington DC, Tufts University in Boston, and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. These programs are offered to Collier and Lee County students and to students who have participated in Model UN in Charlotte County. Students must have completed their junior year in high school, show a strong interest in international relations, and have a solid academic record. 

Students stay in college dorms on the respective campuses and will have a full college life experience.

The NCWA scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, room and board and travel to and from the university location and Southwest Florida.

Georgetown University

Students attend the one-week Summer Academies on the Georgetown historic campus in Washington DC. They can attend either the International Relations or National Security Academy. The Academies take the student on an accelerated, hands-on learning experience. They will examine a single subject area through collaborative exercises and simulations, group discussions, presentations from industry leaders, and field trips to some of DC’s top institutions. For more information,click here

American University

Students attend the highly regarded Community of Scholars program, operating under the auspices of American University’s School of International Service (SIS) on the AU Campus in Washington DC. They enroll in a three-credit course designed for high school students and attend briefings at the U.S. Department of State, various embassies in Washington DC, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other international organizations. Click here for more information about the American University summer program.

Tufts University in Boston

Students will attend the Pre-college Intensive Program in International Relations on the Tufts University campus in Boston MA. Drawing from the renowned Tufts Fletcher School of Global Affairs, students will learn from a world-renowned international relations faculty, study a foreign language, and broaden their perspective on the world.  Click here for information about the Tufts program.

McGill University

McGill Summer Academy - Perspectives on World Politics
International Law, Development, and Organizations

Located on the McGill campus in Montreal, Quebec, this program provides students with an overview of certain key issues in international relations and international law and encourages them to think critically about the nature of international conflict, cooperation, and governance in the current world.

McGill Summer Academy - McGill University

Click here to view last summer's syllabus

Students are required to submit scholarship requests from the program they are attending and if a university scholarship is granted, it will reduce the scholarship from NCWA by that amount.

Last year's application process will tell you what to expect for next year:

  • Complete scholarship application and submit, along with essay, transcript and resume, to John Kovach at by December 15, 2023 for programs in the summer of 2024.
  • Have two faculty, counselor or administrator letters of recommendation sent to John Kovach at by January 102024.
  • If selected, complete an interview with NCWA during January or February 2024.
  • If awarded a scholarship, apply directly to the university program selected.

Requirements Upon Completion of the Program

  • Complete an essay about your program experiences and submit it to NCWA within two weeks of program completion.
  • Participate in a feedback video conference with NCWA members.
  • Become an active participant in the NCWA Alumni Association.
  • Other activities as requested by NCWA.

All students are required to submit scholarship requests from the program they are attending and if a university scholarship is granted, it will reduce the scholarship from NCWA by that amount.

Click here for 2023-24 scholarship application form

Contact John Kovach for more information at

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NCWA Sponsored Six Students
For 2023 Summer Study in the U.S.

Four students from Collier and Lee Counties attended summer study at Georgetown University and two at American University, both in Washington DC, in 2023.

They were:

Georgetown University

Karen Fernandez-Rua of Gulf Coast High School (studying national security)

Maya Doonan of Gulf Coast High School (studying international relations)

Andrew Herman of Gulf Coast High School (studying international relations)

Courtney Andrews of Golden Gate High School (studying international relations)

American University

Kennedy White of First Baptist High School (studying international relations)

Savana Varon of Barron Collier High School, now at Aubrey Rogers High School (studying international relations)

Click here to see videos about the experiences of Savana Varon at American University and Karen Fernandez Run, Andrew Herman, and Maya Doonan at Georgetown University.

Scholarship Applications must be received on or about December 15 of each year.

Information will be announced and posted here when it becomes available.

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