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Scholarship Applications must be received by January 10th 2020

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Georgetown University Scholarships

The Naples Council on World Affairs offers scholarships to Collier County students who have just completed their high school junior year for a one week program on International Relations or National Security at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

The program allows students to experience college campus life by living in a dormitory with other high school students from across the U.S.A. and foreign countries. It also allows them to become familiar with our nation's capital, Washington D.C. Most important, it provides them an opportunity to experience lectures from prominent professors in these fields plus hear from key players in the respective fields.  Visits will also be made to important institutions, such as Congress, Central Intelligence Agency, foreign embassies, etc.

The students who have attended these programs over the past few years have nothing but the highest praise for the programs.

Much more information about the programs can be found on the Georgetown University Summer Programs for High School Students site; (click here to visit their website for more information). Also feel free to email Bob Haffa, the local Outreach leader of the Georgetown Scholarship Committee at or call at ‭(703) 939-0415.

NCWA Scholarship Application Process

Program Eligibility: The Naples Council on World Affairs (NCWA) is looking for Collier County students who have just completed their high school junior year and who demonstrate an interest in international relations and/or national security.

Duration and Dates: One week during the summer months.

Accommodations: Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Scholarship: Approximately $3,000 for tuition, housing and food. All other expenses, such as application fee of $50, transportation to and from Georgetown University, and spending money during the week are the responsibility of the applicant.

Application Process: Apply by filling out the scholarship application form below and returning it to NCWA by the deadline indicated on the form. You will be interviewed and notified by NCWA of your acceptance for a scholarship. Do not submit applications to the Georgetown University Summer Program directly until you were selected by NCWA for a scholarship.

Fill out application form >>> Submit to NCWA by January 10th >>> Faculty recommendations are due by January 17th >>> Selection of scholarship recipients by NCWA Outreach Committee >>> NCWA scholarship winners apply at Georgetown University >>> Accepted students immerse for one week in Georgetown University programs >>> Returning students submit an essay to NCWA describing their experience (requirement)<<<

We Congratulate our 2019 Winners!

Enrique Vizcaya, Lely

Sam Goodwich, Community School

Jonathan Oliva-Infante, Golden Gate

Patrycia Antoniak, Naples

Chloe Paquette, Barron Collier

Sarah Nemeth, Lely

We thank all the members of the Selection Committee, which was generously chaired by Bob Haffa

The following are excerpts from student essays:   

The Georgetown Summer International Relations Institute was a life-changing experience for me. Each lecturer seemed to be addressing my personal academic interests. In addition to the lectures, the program also included discussion sessions to review our studies, a crisis simulation to put our learning to a test and, of course, plenty of time to meet our fellow scholars. Out of my group of twenty-five, there were students from Europe and Asia—all bringing new perspectives which contributed to my understanding of important issues in world affairs. This experience was one of a kind for me, and if you are willing to have your understanding of world affairs broadened and challenged, I urge you to apply for the Georgetown scholarship. The comprehension of the international system I gained from my Georgetown summer is invaluable to my understanding of politics and current events—and it provided a rich experience into what college life might be like!

This past summer I was privileged to be part of Georgetown University’s National Security and Counterintelligence program. I received a comprehensive look at not only the U.S. intelligence community, but also the political science of studying international affairs. Just about anyone who holds an interest in world affairs would find the program extremely interesting in increasing their knowledge and interest in the field. Without a doubt, this summer scholarship enabled me to not only learn about the Washington and Georgetown culture, but also enabled me to examine a field of study not often covered in educational institutions. It most certainly influenced what I hope to be my future study concentration. I would absolutely recommend others apply to this or to other scholarships offered by the NCWA—it’s an experience I will long remember and apply.

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