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President's Club

Membership Criteria:

Membership in the President’s Club for the following season is given to NCWA Full Members who have donated $250 or more to the General Fund during the previous Fiscal Year (July1, 2018-June 30, 2019).  Donations are accepted during the annual membership renewal/application and can also be made anytime by clicking here. 

Donations made between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 will entitle donors to President Club membership in the 2020-2021 season.  If seats are available in the 2019-2020 season the President’s Club chair may invite members from this group of donors to attend luncheons. 


Membership provides the opportunity to participate in luncheons hosted for featured speakers. Space at each luncheon is very limited.  At the beginning of each season, President’s Club members are asked via email notification to prioritize their preference of speaker luncheons and spaces are assigned on a first come basis. 

2019-2020 President's Club Members:

Please note that this list is updated only once at the beginning of each season. If you signed up recently, your name will appear on next season's list.

Cynthia and     Woodbury Andrews
Karen and     Gary Biernesser
William   Blomquist and Ghislaine Derouet -Blomquist
Richard   Boehning and Carolyn Bogle
Eugene and     Margaret Burke
Patricia   Bush and Geoffrey Noble
Tom   Cleary      
Richard and     Judith Clemens
Kenneth and     Debby Cohen
Howard and     Nancy Cohen
Albro and     Linda Daniel
Bob   Dilworth      
David and     Patricia Drew
Raquel   Dunning      
Marvin and     Barbara Easton
Bill and     Barbara Etherington
Robert (Bob) and     Linda Erbstein
Herbert and     Jeanette  Evert
Thomas   Fahey   Margit Holt Fahey
Steven and     Marcia Feldhaus
James D,   Fleck      
Joyce   Fletcher and Tom Watts
Patricia   Forkan      
Torrey and Foster and Anne Russell Foster
William and     Pamela Girtman
Gordon and     Sigrid Graves
Peter and     Mimi C. Gregory
Robert   Haffa      
Cece Anne   Harway      
Jeffrey and     Susan Hewson
Gregory   Hudson and Myrna George
Don and     Lynda Insul
Els and     Kevin Kavanagh
Robert and      Vencine Kelly
Robert   King      
Emery and     Karen Koenig
Walter and     Barbara M.  Korntheuer
William and     Judy Korstad
Judith and     Lee Krow
Kishor   Kulkarni      
Joseph   Lane      
Edwin and     Karen Leland
Marvin and     Helaine Lender
Maurice   Levine and Suzanne Schlessel
Marjorie and     John  Lewis
Paul and     Caroline Liberti
Judith and     Stanley Lipnick
igbal and     Shelby Mamdani
Nizar and   and Dr. Marsha Mamdani
Ralph and     Bonnie Mandell
Mary and     Ted Mascott
Gerry   Melnick      
Jonathan and     Jo Ann Mohle
Michael and     Judith Mollerus
Jack and     Barbara Morgan
Theodore   Olson      
Francis   Murphy  and Ellen Reardon
Lyn   Newsom      
Tina and     Jack Nicholson
Dick   Norwood      
Robert and     Bea Pendergrass
Ric and     Laurie  Phillips
Theodore and     JoAnn Robinson
Joe and     Jan Roller
Len and     Judy Rothman
Frederic and     Louise Rust
Robert and     Joelle Roussel
Judy and     Richard Rubinstein
Ronald and     Suzzette Rutherford
Edward and     Donna Rygiel
James and     Daphne Jameson
Joseph   Schneider      
James and     Sharon Seymour
Iris and     Floyd Shapiro
David   Shorr      
Louis   Simpson and Kimberly Querrey
Steven   Solazzo      
Richard and     Margie Spikerman
Wally and     Susie Stimpson
Robert (Bob) and     Eileen Stuebing
Donna and     Steve M. Suddeth
Gary and     Sharen Thomas
Suzanne   Thompson and Richard  Lynn
Gert Henk     and  Devorah Touw
Byron and     Maureen Trerice
Robert S.   Troth      
Jean Pierre and     Marie Claire van Rooy
Henry   Venable and Susan Krauter
Mark and Walchak   Catherine Walchak
Peter and Wall   Kay Wall
Philip and Ward   Isabel Ward
Helge and Wehmeier   Erika Wehmeier
Ralph and Whitney   Fay Whitney
Van   Williams      
Gunther and     Maria Winkler
Mo and     Mickey Winograd
David and     Beverly Worthington
Lou and     Bruce Zellner

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