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Fellow NCWA Members,

The MUN Conference has been one of NCWA’s most significant contributions to the Southwest Florida community for the past 26 years. During that period, very generous NCWA members have provided the means to conduct the event and to support the college scholarships and other monetary awards that help attract delegates to our competition. While both the high schools and delegates pay fees, they are intentionally set at modest levels so as not to be a barrier to participation. In most of our history, member donations have been sufficient to cover the difference between the fees collected and the overall cost, but that has not been the case the last few years. 

The goal for this season is to get MUN back to being self supporting while sustaining the number and value of scholarships offered at least at the level of last spring.

We need your help! Large donations are, of course, wonderful, but smaller ones can add up to have a major impact. Unlike many of the worthy causes that seek your support, the Model UN helps talented and motivated high school students in our local community. Please do pitch in if you can.

This season’s donation categories, given below, are slightly modified from last year.

Major Donor   $1000 +

Ambassador     $250 +

Minister            $150 +

Consul              $100 +

Attache              $50 +

You can contribute by credit card through the MUN section of the NCWA website  ( or by mailing a check to the following address. If you do the latter, please write MUN at the bottom of your check. 

Naples Council on World Affairs

2316 Pine Ridge Road  #361

Naples, Florida  34109-2006

Also, if you are interested in supporting a named scholarship for $1500 or more, a positionpaper award ($1000, $500, or $250), or contributing to the Ralph J. Bunche Scholarship please email me at  NCWA member Dick Clemens is providing a $2000 base amount for the Bunche scholarship that can then be increased with amounts contributed by others. Last season’s total was $2750 and we hope to do even better this year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for considering the request. All donations are, of course, tax deductible to the extent provided by law and will be duly recognized in NCWA communications.

Ed Leland

Chair, NCWA Model United Nations Committee

Naples Council on World Affairs
2316 Pine Ridge Road #361, Naples, Florida 34109-2006
Contact Email: | Phone: 239-649-3942

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