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Mimi Gregory

The Program Committee mandate joins that of our World Affairs Councils of America: to engage Americans in International Affairs and Foreign Policy. Each season, the committee endeavors to bring experts to Naples to fulfill that mission and to focus on their field of knowledge whether it is country specific, or more broadly important, but of current, universal importance.

We are proud that our reputation is that of a membership that is well read, intelligent, are provocative questioners, and NUMEROUS! Clearly that has aided us in obtaining positive responses to our invitations, and ensures all of you some outstanding speakers.

While you are on this section of the website, we would like to encourage you to search among our archives as well as focusing on our 2012-2013 Feature Presentations. True to our mandate, we have a long list of experts who have offered some “firsts”, some history true to today, some predictions, and some “bad news”; see below.

Dr. Cheng Li startled us by predicting the demise of the Communist Party in China by 2015. He showed us that the Party is already split into liberal and conservative factions at odds over a wide variety of issues from religion to economics.

Brian Steidle, with dramatic pictures and language, took us inside the horrors of Darfur as if we were there ourselves. This was also our first multi-media lecture involving film, slides and speaker. More to come.

Dr. Mitchell Reiss surprised us by indicating that a fully peaceful nuclear program in Korea or Iran could be converted into bomb making in a matter of weeks.

Milton Viorst, in his brilliant 1400 year history of Arab Islam, showed how the word “Democracy" had been discredited in the Arab world by the actions of the French and British following World War I. He said Arabs believe “Democracy is a trick of the West". This made our job even harder in Iraq.

There are many more exclusives which have been brought to you by many of our past speakers. The good news is that there are many more to come your way in the future.

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