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Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker
Lessons From a Long War: The U.S. and the Middle East

“A discussion of events in the broader Middle East and their implications for US interests. Lessons from the history of US engagement and the risks and opportunities the future may hold”.

The Committee on Special Activities was pleased to present a special program with Ambassador Crocker, on Monday, April 8th, 2013, at 10:00 am, at St. John the Evangelist’s Kiney Hall, 625 111th Avenue No. in North Naples. NCWA Members are now able to view this presentation here. The presentation can be viewed in 4 parts. Click the below to view a part of the presentation.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4

Ambassador Ryan Crocker

Ambassador Ryan Crocker

Ryan Crocker is the first Kissinger Senior Fellow at Yale University, 2012-2013. Following his retirement from the Foreign Service in April of 2009, after 37 years, he was recalled by President Obama to serve as Ambassador to Afghanistan in 2011.

He has served as U.S. Ambassador six times: to the countries of Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait and Lebanon. He is the recipient of the Robert C. Frasure Memorial Award “for exceptional courage and leadership” in Afghanistan. In September 2004, he was awarded the personal rank of “Career Ambassador”, the highest in the Foreign Service.

We were honored to welcome Ambassador Crocker, the recipient of the nation’s highest civilian award: the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to our Naples Council. We hope you will join us for his presentation.

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